Penny has been eating well. Walks nicely on a leash for a 9 week old puppy. Everyone that meets her adores her. She’s very curious and interested in her surroundings. Actually, she’s a bit of a clown and hysterical to watch.  On Wednesday she will attending a puppy socialization class held at my vet’s office. That will be fun for all of us!

Thank you so much for bringing such joy into our lives.


I just wanted to thank you for allowing us into your home to get a puppy…Cooper. We will take great care of him!



Hello Roxanne,

It has been approximately three months since we picked up Winston and we couldn’t have asked for a better puppy!  He has been absolutely great and a bundle of fun and excitement! He has stayed just as friendly and cute as the day we picked him up from Hawk Valley Boxers. Everyone loves him and now wants their own. He has had a clean bill of health from his veterinarian and we were even told by the veterinarian that he was one of the best looking boxers as far as color and build that she had ever seen. 

We’re so thankful to have found you and for you introducing us to the newest member of our family.

Feel free to use our comments above as well as pictures for any promotional usage. Thanks so much!


Just wanted to send you an update at almost 6 months. Our boy is doing great and the compliments we get are overwhelming.

Thanks again


Hi Roxanne,

     Just wanted to inform you that Tyson is doing fantastic. He had his first vet check back on the 19th of February and he had a great check up. He has grown so much in the month that we have had him. He’s extremely intelligent and can now “sit” “stay” “come” “shake”. we are working on “lay down” and “down, no jumping”.  He was completely potty trained after 2 weeks, and now does well in his crate at bed time.

The vet says he a very smart boy. 

He fits right into our family so perfectly and we just love him so much!! Thanks again for a wonderful puppy! Here’s a few pics you may enjoy!



It will be 2 months tomorrow since Zoey joined our family.  Zoey is something else and always has us laughing.  She is just the sweetest little thing but when she and Miley play, this deep growl comes out and she sounds like a lion.
She is still on the small side but definitely growing some legs on her.  We are still thinking she’ll be small, but  that’s ok.
Everyone that enters our home falls in love with her amazing personality and we have recommended a few friends to you that are looking to add another boxer to their family.
Thanks again……

Hello Roxanne ,

Just wanted to send you updates on Buca.. He is well adjusted to our home and has filled the void of our girl.  He is a pleasure and filled with so much love for our family and friends!!! You have done an amazing job with breeding!!  Here are some pictures of our boy!! Of course you can see he is a bit spoiled!!  Thank you again for an incredible experience!!

PS Sam is huge and they cry to play with each other! They run to each others houses.. They play like crazy !! Lisa and  Joe

Hi Roxanne,

Daisy had her checkup this evening at the vet and she is in excellent health!!  Thank you so much for breeding such a great dog!!  She really is unbelievable.  She is such a great addition to our family!! We love her so much!! She is so playful, but also so sweet.  If you ever need a recommendation please contact me!!

Thanks again!!

Have a great day!


Hi, we purchased our dog from you in November 2013.

She had the name Sharla then, we had all gotten together as a family and renamed her Lucy.

She will be 2 years old in September and we had promised you would send a picture of her.

Sorry it took so long to send these. She is absolutely precious, We look forward to coming home every day just to be with her.

Bob & Lisa

Hello we purchased Sarge (Originally Bentley)  from you back last September and he had his 1st birthday today and wanted to share some pictures from the last 10 months we had Sarge. He is growing up fast and is a great dog and family member. He loves going for walks up the park and playing in the backyard and eating treats. Hope you enjoy the pictures. And thanks again -Mike

 Hi Roxanne,

This is Balboa playing with on of my three kids.  We adopted Balboa, formerly Lewis, from you, he was part of the October litter. He is the BEST dog we have ever had! He is very loved! We were talking about adopting a brother for him and would like to again adopt from you. Do you currently have any litters available for adoption?  Balboa has the best disposition, he is loving and affectionate and just incredible!


Terry and Chris

Hello Roxanne

I wanted you to know that Tucker (renamed Skip) is doing exceptionally well in his new home with Scott and me. He is very healthy and thriving. We love him more than we thought we could love an animal. He is doing very well with house training and is beginner to get used to our boat. We purchased a life vest for Skip so he’ll be safe on the dock and boat. He does not like the life vest very much, but he’s getting used to it.

He really has a sweet disposition and is very playful. The children in our neighborhood adore him and knock on the door to ask if he can come out and play. Skip and I begin a Puppy Kindergarten class in two weeks. He has clearly socialized well with people of all ages and the Puppy Kindergarten class will give him an opportunity to socialze with other dogs.

I have attached several pictures of Skip in his new surroundings. Please know that we love and adore him and that he seems to be very happy in his new home.



Hello Roxanne,

It’s been a while since I sent you pictures of Hunter.  We bought him last July from you and he has been the most WONDERFUL addition to our family! He loves us all, as we love him. He has gottten bigger.He is spoiled rotten!!   Thanks for such a GREAT puppy!  He is 1 year old now.

Take good care!


My name is Rob Coli. I purchased a puppy from you back in April. I just wanted to thank you again.  Gunner (Brett at the time) has been a blessing to my family and we couldn’t be happier to have him with us.  I’ve attached a few photos so you can see how fast he’s growing.  Feel free to use them on you website if you’d like. Thank you again and have a wonderful day!


Rob Cole